Well, I reckon that it is reasonable to guess that you are reading this because you want to make money out of writing non-fiction. And why not? A writer doesn't have to battle through miles of choked roads breathing traffic fumes and fighting through the crowds to get to an office every morning! There's no manager pumping up the stress levels by insisting on higher and higher sales production levels every few minutes. There's no monotonous production lines or mind numbing routine to stem the brain into narcolepsy. Don't believe for one second though that writing for a living is an easy option and you can look forward to a bone idle life whilst the cheques flow in regularly! I have met a few idle writers in my time but I tend to avoid them when possible because their condition may be catching, and they can't really afford to frequent the type of venues that I socialise at anyhow. The fact is a writer has to be a highly self disciplined person because it takes a certain amount of determination to be able to sit down at a word processor or computer (no writer actually 'writes' these days!) for hours at a stretch working steadily when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the perfume from the flowers is overpowering and there would be no one who could stop you from breaking off and relaxing for an hour or two! The truth is that self-discipline is a very rare commodity which is one good reason why so many people would love to make a living as a writer, but so few actually go out and do it. If you want to make a good living writing books or articles I can certainly give you a lot of very good hints on how to go about it but what I cannot do is give you that steely determination to buckle down to really hard work; only you can do that.

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Okay; we've weeded out the no-hopers but you're still here. Now what sort of media can we write for?

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